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Comment box was added on the Client database (you can include comments such as where you met that contact, who referred him/her to you, etc.). You can do this when adding a new client directly in the system or when uploading your client list.

New fields "Purchase Price" and "Markup %" were added in relation to both, products and services. Including the purchase price you pay, as well as the markup % you are able to apply, will provide invaluable information for you as the business owner or to your management team. These fields are only visible to you (and your colleagues) as a 1ClickBusiness user, however not to your customer.

Under the Proposal tab we have added a few new fields:

  • Comments box for internal use only - this box is fully editable and it is hidden from your clients
  • Expected Closing Date box is added in addition to the earlier "Valid Until" box. This field is also hidden from your clients
  • Another Custom TextBox is added for the purposes of including any additional internally generated and monitored info; for example a Quote Number or a note to the client etc. This field is visible to the client.

As noted, the Comments (Internal Use Only) box is fully editable. Among others you can include here a live link to the provider quote you want to easily access for future reference:

Proposals - the new fields "Purchase Price" and "Markup %" were added in the tables with regards to both Services and Products. These fields are visible solely to internal users and are hidden from the clients. The system automatically updates the Unit Price according to the above fields. However, both the Purchase Price and the Markup can be left empty should they not be relevant, in this case only the Unit Price has to be provided.

This is true in case of Products as well. The table looks the same:

The system automatically performs the calculations in reference to these new fields as well. This is also hidden from your clients.

The features described above are also available under the Invoices tab. The same rule applies with regards to some not being visible for the clients.

Once your client viewed the Quote or the Invoice you sent them, the hidden fields are not visible any more if you simply open the quote or invoice in preview. However, when you open the saved Quote or Invoice for editing, you will be able to see all this info.

Once the Quote is accepted, the Invoice is paid, etc., the documents will not be available to open for edit, however you can select the View button from the drop down menu and you will be able to see the hidden fields (purchase price, markup, internal note with the active link etc.)

We have extended the search capabilities in the Documents tab, now in addition to sorting you can perform a search as defined by you

Thank you for reading through these new features. We hope they prove helpful to your business processes.


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