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Why choose 1ClickBusiness?

There are quite a few business management software programs on the market. Some are very professional, but too complex and expensive. Others are reasonably priced, but do not have the functionality you need.

We recognized this gap in the market and we developed 1ClickBusiness!

Our goal?

Create an online business management tool that is intuitive, functional, and affordably priced. 1ClickBusiness is specifically designed to help you easily and professionally manage your business relationships.


1ClickBusiness has the functionalities you need:

  • Client Database

    You can easily upload your clients’ contact information creating your own database to be used for future transactions.

  • Online Business Proposals

    You can create business proposals with a few clicks using the professional templates we have available. Several tools will help you maximize your time: autofill of client data; the option to send proposals directly from your 1ClickBusiness account; monitoring of sent proposals; online comment box and other add-ons.

  • Online Invoices

    You will be able to create professional online invoices in minutes. Several features make your work easier and faster: select the desired template with one simple click; customize by easily uploading your logo; autofill of client data; send and manage your invoices directly from your 1ClickBusiness account; encourage immediate interaction with your clients by using the built-in comment box.

  • Continuous Development

    We take the feedback of our customers seriously! We work constantly on further developing the functionality of 1ClickBusiness as proven by the new functions appearing month after month.

Why 1ClickBusiness?
Continuous Development
  • Secure, elegant & easy to use
  • Available anywhere 24/7
  • Convenient modular pricing
  • Completely paperless
And more!

Scalability. 1ClickBusiness is developed specifically for small and medium size enterprises. Should you find your business growing at a rapid pace and you need a more complex business management system, we are there for you!

Our Helix and P@rtner.ERP programs have been on the market for several years and are used by large enterprises globally. 1ClickBusiness was developed to be compatible with both these programs, thus you can transfer your account without any loss of data.

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