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It's as Simple as it Seems

1ClickBusiness has a mission: to ease all of your business processes, anytime, anywhere. Do you want a more professional look, more spare time and do you want to earn more money and clients? Then you are in the right place!

100% Paperless!

Consider the environment! With our online business solution all data is saved securely in the cloud ready for you to access and manage 24/7. No need for high printing costs and countless administrative hours spent on filing.

Accessible Anytime & Anywhere

Are you always on the go? Access your data, manage your documents, prepare, send, receive, review… from anywhere in the world! All you need is your computer or mobile device and Internet access.

Secure, Elegant & Easy To Use

Security of your data is of utmost importance to us! Only you and those authorized by you will have access to your 1ClickBusiness account. We’ve designed our web-based business solution for simplicity and ease of use. If you are working on invoices and proposals in a team, you can opt to add them as users with just one click. Using our online business solution is intuitive, while the created documents are elegant and professional. No training will be required.

Manage Your Business Processes in One Place

You won’t need another system, because in 1ClickBusiness you can manage all of your processes! Invoices, proposals, clients, items, charts and there are other options as well! Why should you be forced to focus on a potpourri of different software?

Free Support

Our customers are of primary importance to us! Anytime you have a problem, don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to ask, because we always welcome your feedback and opinion!

Clients - The Persons that you Serve

Clients are one of the most important aspects of a company. You probably think the same, right? You have to manage your clients properly and carefully. Seems so hard? It isn’t with 1ClickBusiness!

Manage Your Clients in One Place

We can provide all of the important resources for your client management. You will find everything in one place, so you don’t have to check your mail servers, rifle through your papers or ask your employees about your clients!

Organize Your Clients’ Information

It’s always a good idea to write short notes or vital information about your clients. Do it in 1ClickBusiness too! Easily organize your client’s data and get all the essential information in the right place!

Create Proposal/Invoice for Your Clients with 1 Click

It’s time for business! Create proposals and invoices for your services or items with one click. Get the contact for your clients through 1ClickBusiness, and customize your invoices and proposals with your own business style!

Products & Services - Where You Are the Best

It’s really important to manage all your products and services in an efficient way. You have to keep in mind an extraordinary amount of information regarding your items, but not with us! Do the hardest work of managing products & services with 1ClickBusiness.

Manage Your Products & Services

Create new items, or import them from XLS or CSV. You can set all the parameters for your created items which will help you to organize them better!

Add up-to 2 Taxes

Are you tired from having to calculate taxes? Then 1ClickBusiness will help you again! Set different taxes in our system and just simply add one or two to your items. It’s much easier than calculating them on paper, isn’t it?

Add Your Products & Services to Proposals/Invoices with 1 Click

Create professional proposals and invoices with all of your items and services. Do you want to impress your customers? Do it with 1ClickBusiness proposals and invoices!

Impress Your Potential Clients with a Professional Business Proposal!

Build persuasive proposals in fusion with your own business style!

Track the Status of Your Proposals

Keep track and monitor the status of your proposals online. The system automatically stores the status of your documents in an easy-to-view list with simple color-coding. The status is instantly updated when your customer accepts or rejects the proposal, while also providing for the option of instant messaging when the customer disputes the offer or has any comments to make.


Search among our good-looking and persuasive proposal templates. Find your favorite one, or try to figure out your client’s preferences. We are sure that with our templates you will amaze all of your clients.

Professional Services Proposal

You want to create a more persuasive proposal? Add your reference letters to your proposals, or add your team members. Be more professional with the elegant cover page, and win all your potential clients’ trust immediately.

Convert to Invoice with One Click

Your client accepted your persuasive proposal? It’s time to convert it to an invoice. You don’t have to write the invoice again, just do some clicks and all of your proposal data will be in your selected invoice. Congratulations, you completed a great business transaction!

Manage Your Invoices Safely, Easily and Faster than Ever!

Create great-looking invoices and be more professional!

Track the Status of Your Invoices

Keep track and monitor the status of your invoices online. Our web-based invoicing software automatically stores the status of your invoices in an easy-to-view list with simple color-coding. The status is instantly updated when your customer pays or disputes your invoice, while also making instant messaging available for the client who may wish to comment.


Choose among our invoice templates and find the best for your clients! We are absolutely sure that they will appreciate your professional invoice, and they will pay you more promptly!

Recurring Invoices

Are you frustrated by doing the same invoices every single day? Don’t worry, 1ClickBusiness has the answer! Use our Recurring Invoices function for the boring work! Set start and end date, choose your clients and set other options!

Export, Duplicate Your Invoices

Do you want to save your invoices to another place? That’s easy! You can simply export all of your invoices into PDF format! Or maybe you want to duplicate the invoice? You can also do that with a few clicks!

When Time Matters

It is always important to find any piece of data in the fastest time. Let 1Click order your documents and you only need to enjoy the speed!

Store Your Documents in the Cloud

Upload any type of document that you will need for your work. If you happen to have so many items that the basic storage is not enough for you, do not worry, it is expandable.

Enclose Your Uploaded Documents

You can append the uploaded documents to your products, services or any kind of proposal and invoice. Would you like to send a reference letter with your proposal? Just simply enclose with your proposal, and send it!

Because Money is Always Important

Every expense is a financial loss for your company, so it’s crucial to follow and categorize them. Be the one who always knows everything about the expenditures.

Track Your Expenses in One Place

Control all of your expenses with 1Click! Choose the type of the expense, add the amount and date. It will help you to oversee your financial processes.

Invoice Your Expenses

Is there an expense which can be assigned to one of your clients and you have to invoice it? Then assign it to the applicable customer and convert it into an invoice with one click!

Control All the Project Processes

All of your projects have critical impact on your company performance. Do not trust to fortune, trust in the 1Click solution and manage all your projects with maximum ease and precision.

Project Management

Are you working on several projects at the same time? Store them in the same place, and check how much time you spend on your tasks.

Time Tracking

Simply handle the time of your tasks and processes. If you did not have internet access when you did the work, then set your task time manually!

Invoice the Finished Work

Do you have to invoice the time you spent on a job? Just insert the hourly fees assigned to your projects and make the invoice within a few clicks!

See Through the Numbers, and Control Your Business Performance!

Create good looking and transparent charts, and manage your business data in a smarter way!

Plan Your Income in Advance

Forecast your financials based on the accepted or rejected statuses of your proposals and invoices, whether paid, disputed, overdue or other - great for budgeting!

Best Performance Data

Gather the right type of data and find out which of your clients and/or items are making you the most money. Focus on the best performance, measure it and do even more!

Monitor the Status of Your Proposals and Invoices

There are great graphics to manage the status of your proposals and invoices. Easy reference and simple to manage charts, with clearly defined information at a glance. Arrange the data as you like with drag and drop placement ordering on the page.

Create Useful Reports from Your Proposals, Invoices, and Payments Data!

Analyze your created business reports and plan your future mission with them!

Reports List

Do you want a better way to see your company's performance? Maybe, our charts weren’t enough? Check our Reports list and choose the best one for your preferences!

Revenue by Client

Take a look at the contribution of clients towards your income, with a list that includes invoice numbers, clients, creation dates, total amounts, and paid invoice amounts - with filters for date range and client.

Payment of Invoices

View payment details for your invoices, including number of days overdue as well as the difference between invoiced and paid amounts. Use filters for date of creation and due date ranges, clients, delay ranges and difference between the total and paid amounts.

Time to Pay

View payment intervals for your clients in a list based on all invoices paid - filters for companies and payment periods.

The mentioned functions aren’t available in all of our services. Please visit the Pricing page for more information.

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