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Why 1ClickBusiness?

Professional Business Proposals

Stand out from the crowd with your professional business proposals

With 1ClickBusiness you can create complex business proposals with just a few clicks. Upload your company description, the bios of your team members, the description of your services, and much more. Then create your proposal by simply selecting the relevant sections to feed into the template. You can add a personal touch by using your electronic signature.

Online Invoicing

Accurate and efficient invoicing

There’s no need for Quicken or QuickBooks when you have 1ClickBusiness. Create your invoices online in just seconds, without the headache of formatting. With 1ClickBusiness you can generate online invoices directly from your business proposals or from your database of customers, products, and services. What’s the best part? Our invoices integrate seamlessly with major accounting software.

Get paid faster!

Decrease your average payment time by enabling online payments.

Keep track of accounts receivable (A/R), manage your cash flow, and create user-friendly gateways that enable your clients to pay their invoices online.

Recurring Invoicing

Adapting to your client's needs has never been easier!

Whether they prefer invoices at the end of the month, bi-weekly or quarterly, with recurring invoicing you need to set up the system only once.

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Track Your Business 24/7

Real time KPI reports of your business proposals, invoices, and payments!

Check the pulse of your business with our default reports and charts available on the Dashboard. You want different parameters? You can easily create your own customized reports and charts.

Unlimited Account Users

Get your team on the same page!

Have as many account users, as your business needs. Accomplish more, with less effort.

Seamless Data Migration

Spare more time with the import and export functions!

You can easily migrate your business data between 1ClickBusiness and other software, such as QuickBooks or Quicken.

Foreign Currencies

Accommodate your clients’ needs by issuing invoices in their preferred currency!

Does your business have an international presence? 1ClickBusiness provides you the ‘Currency’ tool to help your business thrive in the global marketplace.

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